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Declaring the Intent of America's FOUNDING FATHERS 

Relationship to government is voluntary.

The anti-big-government American revolution, the founding documents and the framework of the Republican form of government established were all intended to make the individual free of control and intervention in his private life.

Substantial power was given to the new national government to regulate commerce.

The government of the "United States" has merely made every part of the individual's life a matter of "commerce" through such things as licenses and the social security account opened for each person.

The easy way to tell if something is voluntary is - does the government request a signature from you?  A signature is part of a contract, and you enter into a business (commerce) relationship with government by signing such things as a driver license, vehicle registration, business license, and IRS tax form.


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This Bold New Book DOCUMENTS the very techniques that all governments use to convert RIGHTS into privileges and eventually use GUN CONTROL to establish TOTALITARIAN control of every one of its citizens

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historic print

Declaration of Independence July 4 1776

This 17" x 22" historic print on parchment explains the story of the Declaration, events surrounding its approval, and the price that the men paid for this openly rebellious act of treason against the British government. This is the first and only time that the likeness of all 56 signers has been presented.  This is the story of America's most important founding document and the 56 men that made it happen!  Included FREE with book purchase!

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