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Declaring the Intent of America's FOUNDING FATHERS 



America's founding concepts and documents have been perverted and misinterpreted!

The Declaration of Independence stated that rights were from God, and no earthly government supplied them - or could "alienate" them from a man.

The Constitution was designed to limit and restrain the new central government and only transferred 17 limited powers.

The Bill of Rights was added two years later to further declare the limitation of power and those define those rights that were not to be infringed.

Thomas Jefferson declared, "That government governs best that governs least," yet today America has the largest, most powerful government the world has ever experienced.  Americans have failed to actively limit government, and do understand or claim natural rights.

Our own government has become the mirror image of the British government that was expelled from America. Sadly, history proves that all great nations follow the course defined by professor Alexander F. Tytler in the early 1800's.  He wrote:

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.  These nations have progressed through this sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith

From spiritual faith to great courage

From courage to liberty

From liberty to abundance

From abundance to complacency

From complacency to apathy

From apathy to dependence

From dependence back into bondage"



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This Bold New Book DOCUMENTS the very techniques that all governments use to convert RIGHTS into privileges and eventually use GUN CONTROL to establish TOTALITARIAN control of every one of its citizens

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historic print

Declaration of Independence July 4 1776

This 17" x 22" historic print on parchment explains the story of the Declaration, events surrounding its approval, and the price that the men paid for this openly rebellious act of treason against the British government. This is the first and only time that the likeness of all 56 signers has been presented.  This is the story of America's most important founding document and the 56 men that made it happen!  Included FREE with book purchase!

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